This weekend, my roommate and I were bored, so we decided to do a little chemistry experiment. We used, alcohol, copper, and a few other normal everyday household chemicals... Oh yeah, and some stuff we found in a barrel out by the lake ;)... No clue what it was... smelled kind of like carbon copy paper. Our outcome was pretty spectacular. The images below document our findings. (Like most of my sites, this is designed for people on high speed connections... sorry dial-in users, sux to be you ;)

First, we mixed everything together. 'Seemed like a good place to start. Already, we were surprised by what we got. I mixed a batch and My roommie mixed some. Yes! The cups ARE GLOWING.

Then we shut the lights off to see what we it looked like in total darkness. Our cup was glowing green!

We decided to mix some more common chemicals with the mixture to see what we got... Buzpar, alka-seltzer, cologne... The usual. We managed to get the other cup to glow yellow. Both cups together.

Next, we had the wild idea to set fire to our mixture. Surprisingly, it turned out pretty neat. Another ariel view of the fire. Horizontal view of the fire, and one of our cups.

Lastly, we mixed something... Nobody is quite sure what it was, exactly... And we got Some pretty wild green glowing foam.

Now our fun is all done. We washed out lovely mixture down the drain. Palm Beach Water Protection District has got to love us ;)... The things you do when you're bored.

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