UNIX Command Line Donwload Speed Test written in PHP

If you've got a VPS or a Unix server colo'd somewhere and you want to test your network/internet download speed without installing a ton of crap, or perl modules, or python *gack!!*; then this is the program for you.

This is a simple, as in its easy to run and requires nothing but a standard installation of php (and maybe curl), command line UNIX download speed utility. Its a small script, just download it to your server and run it and you're all set.

It has a list of about 20 servers and it will find the best/closest one to you and run your test off of there.

Comments are always welcome, questions.. not so much.

Sample output:

Download it here. Just rename it from speedtest.php.txt to speedtest.php.

Alternatively: wget -o speedtest.php http://moo.net/code/speedtest.php.txt

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