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Who did this? James (Postal_Phreak), James (Pharos), Mike (PipeVegas), and Justin (Program)

Where did we do it? At the Rio hotel in Las Vegas

Why did we do it? Boredome mostly ;).

When we checked into our room, we noticed that the previous occupants had locked the safe open. (Meaning the bar was out to keep it shut, but the door was open so we could not close it). We fiddled with it all week, entering codes now and again trying to get it open but failed. There was this big screw on the inside that just wanted to be unscrewed, but we didnt have the proper tools. On Friday night, Justin and Mike stopped by and we were a bit bored so we were determined to crack the safe. I called the front desk and asked for a screwdriver. She transfered me to the bar. *bzzt* Wrong screwdriver. I tried again, and specified that I wanted a REAL screwdriver. The maintenance man came up, but wouldnt let us keep the screwdriver. He probably thought we were gonna take the hotel apart or something.. *pfft* We'd never do that ;). So we shooed him away. Justin remembered he had a screwdirver in his car, so we made him go get it.

Our victim... The first thing to do was remove the screw we've been tinkering with all week. Piece of cake... with the right tool. Now that the cover is off, we have to examine the circutiry and see what we got ourselves into. Looking under the safe for the power cord. Disconnecting the power and hoping some sort of alarm doesnt go off. Maybe if we manually spin the gears it will let us in... Nope. What's behind here? .. Lets take it off and see. AHA! A backup battery to disconnect. So we disconnected the battery and the power. We waited about 30 minutes for the battery to die and success, the safe was open. Then we closed the safe back up and pretended like nothing had happened. The things you do when you're bored.