Code Help

Every once in awhile, I'll be working on a project and I'll get stuck. Thats usually a bad thing, because if I can't figure it out, chances are, nobody else has either. But I still search the net, often for days, and find out that, yes, I was right -- nobody else knows the answer either, and have to figure it out for myself.

As a courtesy to the internet as a whole, when I have this problem, I have decided to document the solution (if at all possible) to help others in my situation.

They are linked below.

  • Send AOL IM from Perl

  • Stream music on hold in Asterisk

  • Call Screening in Asterisk

  • Mail Delivery Failure when pipeing e-mail in PHP !NEW!

  • Simple UNIX Command line speed test in PHP !NEW!

  • Simple PHP function to check international phone numbver validity !NEW!

    More coming soon....